Nursing the Trauma Patient

Course Date and Venue:

Hardwick Hall Hotel Sedgefield Co.Durham, Thursday 29th Sep, 2016, 10am to 4.30pm

Lecture Summary:

Patients presenting following trauma are a common occurrence in all types of veterinary practice, and can be some of the most fun and rewarding patients to deal with. Despite this they can also be some of the more challenging and stressful patients to deal with.

This course will provide nurses with a logical approach to the assessment of the trauma patient, how to prioritise their care as well as more advanced procedures, such as central line placement.

Learning objectives:

  • The approach to, and stabilisation techniques for trauma patients
  • Dealing with dyspnoeic patients
  • The approach to the shocked patient
  • Placement of central venous catheters
  • Understanding chest drain placement and maintenance

Course Tutor:

Louise O Dwyer DMS BSc(Hons) DipAVN(Medical and Surgical) RVN

Course Fee:

£180 +VAT (total £216.00) Includes tuition, course notes, refreshments and lunch.

cat in hospital with drips

Thursday 29th Sep, 2016

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